iPhone, iPod touch and iPad free phone calls and SMS.

Let me start with tech and some of the things I’ve experienced on most of the iOS devices..
I’m gonna be talking about Viber and HeyWire. And I’m gonna be explaining how to make your iPad make phone calls beside FaceTime. 🙂

Now with Viber you can talk for free with any iPhone users having Viber as well over 3G or Wi-Fi..
I really couldn’t believe it at the beginning, but I started liking it! It’s for free!
And much much more clearer than the regular call (GSM).. Most of my relatives and brothers are having iPhones and I installed Viber in each iPhone, now I talk with them for free.

Now you tell me, so?, it’s the same as Skype..
Well, first thing.. Viber does not require any registration you just get the confirmation code on your phone and enter and it looks up into your contacts and find you the ones are having Viber simple as it seem.
Second thing; Skype is so glitchy and does not have half of the clearness and pureness of Viber’s.
Third thing; Skype phone calls requires MONEY.

The extra-awesome thing right now is: HeyWire, free SMS to ANY mobile phone. But how?!
HeyWire gives you an American mobile number lets you send SMS via that USA number to any mobile phone in the world.

The sweet thing is now.. If you have HeyWire and Viber at the same time on an iPad you can make free phone calls and send free SMS!
Just when Viber asks you about the number to send the confirmation code to.. Insert your USA number HeyWire gave you, viola!

UPDATE: HeyWire just stopped supporting global texting.


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I'm a really simple guy. I live in the West Bank. And I like gadget and I'm a Mac Geek. And an Apple Fan Boy. And I'll be typing here whatever comes through my brain and heart. Politics, tech, social stuff and whatever. :)
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2 Responses to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad free phone calls and SMS.

  1. max says:

    impossible to use heywire number to register on viber. doesn’t work

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