Big contradictions.

This thing kept me wonder.. for a really really long time now..

And I think its time to share it and hear some other thoughts..

My name is Mohamed and I’m a Muslim (as it is so obvious)..

Some of the contradictions between our Islamic culture and the Christian culture is what kept me in wonder.. Let just cut to the chase here, shall we?

Let’s start with a Muslim female.. The Muslim woman, if it was a wife or a mom or a sister.. Islam took care of her and Islam taught us to take care of her because she’s the jewel in our life.

Now, in default, that jewel.. is supposed to be given special care and extra-treatment.. that’s one of the main reasons she wears the Hijab. No one is allowed to see that jewel only the ones who are allowed to. And she can live her life! Study, work, have a life just like any other.. And she has the right to keep her money and not share it even with her husband!

In other hand, the Christian nun, she prays for god.. that’s lovely.. but 24/7? And she is not allowed to get married?! She’s not allowed to see her kids?! Something is wrong.. And the biggest thing.. that kinda looks like Hijab!

So, this is what I get.. our Muslim female is that ignorance, the uneducated, naive and shallow lady. And that nun who prays for god 24/7 and doesn’t have a husband and doesn’t have a job.. is the right thing? It just needs a little bit deeper look 🙂


The other subject now, is our Sheikh.. (Sheikh is the religious Muslim man who knows about Islam and gives the right directing for all of us to stay in the right route. To avoid making fatal mistakes.)

Why when a Sheikh is been seeing.. They runaway and scream out loud! TERRORIST TERRORIST! Afraid of blowing his self up.. But why..

Because of his beard?! Well, the religious Christian Man whoever he is.. A saint a monk and even Jesus in their drawings has a beard!.. Why isn’t he a terrorist!


About imuhtaseb

I'm a really simple guy. I live in the West Bank. And I like gadget and I'm a Mac Geek. And an Apple Fan Boy. And I'll be typing here whatever comes through my brain and heart. Politics, tech, social stuff and whatever. :)
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