How to create hidden files on Mac OS X


I don’t usually post tips and tricks about the Mac OS but today I’m feeling like sharing this useful one, that I personally use, it’s about making hidden folders on your Mac.
Now, we all know have our private pictures, videos, text files that we don’t want anyone to look at it or even see it.
I’m one of those guys.. I have stuff I don’t like to share with anyone and I’d like to even vault it up!
Now, I’m gonna be speaking of how to hide those stuff.
There’s a lot of security options inside of your Mac that can lock your folders.. encrypt your User Account.. have an encrypted disk image.
But there’s another cool one.

Hidden Folders: But how?!… Terminal.
This application is so powerful and you can do anything to the system with it, so, be extra careful on doing each step correctly without any MISTAKE, any mistype can lead into a catastrophic loss of data or the whole system itself.
I am not responsable of any mistake happens. This method is tried out and working seamlessly.

Let’s begin!

First, launch the Terminal app (you can find it in Macintosh HD/ Applications/ Utilities/).
Second, we need to navigate to the specific directory where you wanna create that hidden folder (for example the Desktop).

cd Desktop/

or you can press tab button while typing Desktop so it can complete it for you (and that’s more secure if you make mistypes, use it to be more careful)
Third, now we’re in the Desktop we’re gonna make that directory..

mkdir .SecretFolder

Now.. mkdir is the command for making a directory and the period in the .SecretFolder is what’s gonna make the folder hidden (Mac OS X uses the period to hide the files systems).

We made the directory successfully. Now, how are we gonna navigate to that hidden folder.
1. Terminal.
2. Go Menu.
You can navigate to the Desktop using the Terminal..
And type the command:

ls -a

This command lists up all the hidden folder in your working directory (where you’re working) and then type:

open .SecretFolder

And pingo!
Or you can use the Go Menu with Finder.
In the Menu Bar of the Finder there’s a “Go” menu.. click it and go to “Go to folder..” and then type .SecretFolder.

Pretty cool and easy.

Hope it helps. Thank you.


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I'm a really simple guy. I live in the West Bank. And I like gadget and I'm a Mac Geek. And an Apple Fan Boy. And I'll be typing here whatever comes through my brain and heart. Politics, tech, social stuff and whatever. :)
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