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I'm a really simple guy. I live in the West Bank. And I like gadget and I'm a Mac Geek. And an Apple Fan Boy. And I'll be typing here whatever comes through my brain and heart. Politics, tech, social stuff and whatever. :)

How to create hidden files on Mac OS X

Hey! I don’t usually post tips and tricks about the Mac OS but today I’m feeling like sharing this useful one, that I personally use, it’s about making hidden folders on your Mac. Now, we all know have our private … Continue reading

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كيف تُحَرَر فلسطين

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم معاهدات، صفقات و  تواقيع.. و بين قوسين (السلام) هي الحلول العدّة لتحرير فلسطين من الصهيون الذي حكم بلادنا لعشرات السنين. و بالأحرى ما هي الا عملية بيع فقط! و ليست بيع و شراء! بيع لأرض فلسطين … Continue reading

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Big contradictions.

This thing kept me wonder.. for a really really long time now.. And I think its time to share it and hear some other thoughts.. My name is Mohamed and I’m a Muslim (as it is so obvious).. Some of … Continue reading

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iPhone, iPod touch and iPad free phone calls and SMS.

Let me start with tech and some of the things I’ve experienced on most of the iOS devices.. I’m gonna be talking about Viber and HeyWire. And I’m gonna be explaining how to make your iPad make phone calls beside … Continue reading

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This is my very first post in WordPress.. I used BlogSpot and a friend of mine told me about it and I’m really liking it.. I’m gonna start posting stuff.. whatever goes through my heart and my mind.. Politics, tech, … Continue reading

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